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Gift Guide 2023

I know, I know I am late on this guide.

I meant to have this to you guys for Black Friday, but my entire family was under the weather. We have finally recovered, so I wanted to share some great gifts ideas for this holiday season. Click each picture to learn more!

If they are into skincare:

Pretty Amazing Skincare

If they are into haircare:

Nous Haircare

Sphinx Hair


If they are into fitness:

Pure Barre Tribeca

Catch their sale where you buy 10 classes, and get 4 for free.

If they are a new parent:

If they have kids:

The Bloom Sisters

If they are into wellness:

Farmacy for Life


If they are creative:

Photo Shoot with Shoott

If they are into philanthropy:

Quadrille Ball

These are some things that I found helpful. If you want me to try your product, please reach out.



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