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NYFW…The Guide

NYFW begins tomorrow and there are so many things to experience….from the Revolve Gallery to the Sherri Hill Show to Lara’s 1st NYFW showcase.

It’s not only about the fashion, but also about the connections. From the parties to after parties, to the exhibits to the shopping experiences. You do Not want to miss fashion week.

So, how do you plan your time?

1. Start preparing for September’s Fashion Week in July. You need to start looking at trends, booking flight and hotel (if needed), and reaching out to the brands to attend the shows (if you haven’t been invited.

2. Reach out to friends and see who will be in town. It is not only good to catch up, but a great way to get content.

3. Organize! You have to organize your calendar, make sure you leave room for shows to start late, and be prepared to stand on lines.

4. Shoot! If you don’t have pictures in your outfits, it would be a great idea to reach out to Shoott to document your looks near the fashion week stomping grounds.

5. Finally…have fun! You want to make sure you are hydrated, everything is charged, but mostly importantly, have fun!


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