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Being a Southern Belle or a Southern Socialite is not something that can be created, but a lifestyle that you are born into. From sipping sweet tea on a summer day, to weekly Sunday school I was destined to be the Southern Socialite that I am. I have written on a few other blogs, but it’s an honor to begin my own especially on this new journey that I am embarking upon.

Any socialite loves to travel, learn, and enjoy the finer things in life, but most importantly give back at every opportunity. This blog is beginning as I traveled to New York City for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. It was such a great experience and more than I could’ve ever imagined.

Day 1: September 6, 2012- Fashion’s Night Out. This is my 2nd year being able to experience Fashion's Night Out and this time on both sides. I casted for a fashion show, and ended up walking in the very same show. Amirah Creations showed at Tour Couture Boutique a new boutique in Williamsburg. Williamsburg is such an interesting neighborhood with so much culture. I was able to an amazing silver dress, with my hair in a high ponytail. And, Sugar when I walked on that runway, I was in heaven. This was a great beginning to my 2012 Fashion Week.