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What I've learned in 2012

While we still have a few days left to 2012 I started reminiscing about what 2012 has taught me. After a conversation with my cousin I jotted down the top 12 things that 2012 has taught me, and here they are…

1. Trust your instincts. (They will never lead you astray).

2. Stick to it, and it’ll work. (You can’t just give up on your passion).

3. Real friends are there through it all. (Your real friends will love you, rich or poor).

4. When you walk away, don’t back. (You left for a reason, don’t double guess yourself).

5. Don’t give up on your vision. (Be patient on your path to success).

6. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. (Eat healthy; your older self will thank you for it).

7. Just because you value something doesn’t mean others will. (Don’t be upset because others have a different vantage point. Just embrace it).

8. Service is the rent we pay on earth. (No matter how busy life gets, make sure you give back).

9. Set boundaries and stand your ground. (Don’t shake under pressure).

10. Get out and meet new people, experience new things. (It never hurts to become more well rounded).

11. Live within your means, no matter what. (Plan so that you can get ahead).

12. Don’t let people remind you of where you come from. Keep moving forward.