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The Secrets of Love Jewels

Such an amazing event was hosted by Sophie B. This past Tuesday there was a panel about the love of jewels.

Two displays cases filled with bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings showcased pieces from Van Cleef & Cartier among others.

History has show us that since the dawn of monarchies in Western society, pieces of jewelry are heavily inspired by Greek mythology. Many of the motifs found in these 'love jewels' consist of doves, bees, hearts & flowers. These motifs allude to the myths of Greek gods and goddesses such as Cupid (& his lover Psyche), Eros, Aphrodite and Hephaestus.

Like the myths the pieces of jewelry carry generations of stories with them. Therefore giving jewelry sentimental value. Because of this sentimental value prominent jewelry brands like Van Cleef & Cartier, may withstand the test of time in light of the on trend minimalist jewelry.

Designer Jennifer Myers is a prime example of having been able to find a balance between today's minimalist modern chic and what the younger generation would deem excessive grandeur of older generations.

Lastly they focused on wedding/engagement rings and how they were proof of a contractual statement. Also how the plain gold band was replaced by extravagant diamond encrusted rings. Again, now with minimalism being on trend, reverting back to a simpler time of plain gold wedding bands are in. Therefore proving that this sentimental value pieces of jewelry will indeed withstand the test of time and forever be cherished by its admirers. For jewelry and watchmaking allows people to express their individuality in any shape or form they see fit.