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December 14, 2016

So one year I broke up with NYC and tried my hand at Atlanta. I visited Atlanta every summer as a pre-teen/teenager, so I thought it would be an easy transition. Little did I know I would have so many things to get used to. 


5. I love to walk, but walking in the south is frowned upon. People assumed I was down on my luck.


4. The south is the home of the pageants. While competitive, I absolutely enjoyed pageant experience more in Atlanta.


3. I had to live on an actual schedule. There is a specific time that things close in Atlanta, and it s usually 4 hours earlier than I am used to.


2. And, yet, no one is in a rush to get places or began things on time.


1. While blending well with a company is necessary, only in Atlanta have I ever been asked what my favorite sport and teams were during an interview.




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