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Girl Around Town…Hannah Lopa

This Wednesday, we are featuring the current Miss New York USA, Hannah Lopa. I originally met Hannah when she was a teen competing for the title of Miss NY Teen USA, and I was competing for Miss NY USA. From then, I knew that Hannah’s future would be bright. She is not only beautiful, but she has an inner light that shines so bright.

This former Disney princess’ dream came true January 2017. After that the whirlwind of preparing for Miss USA took a hold of her. Did you would not know that she decided to compete after escaping an abusive relationship? She stated that she “entered Miss NY USA in the hope of regaining control of my life, rebuilding self-confidence and finding myself again.” Her motto since then has become, “Non Ducor Duco. It means "I am not lead, I lead". Being in an abusive relationship, I let someone else lead my life for me and control every aspect. Now that I am free from my abuser, I am the leader of my own life and the creator of my own destiny.”

Her goal is “to raise awareness on Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence in the hope of preventing others from going through the abuse that I faced. I also hope to show victims of abuse that they are not alone. They can overcome their circumstance and live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life”.

Since placing top 10 at Miss USA, Hannah continues to be a member of the National Youth Council for Love is Respect to raise awareness on Teen Dating Violence. Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, until then, she will be remaining active in raising awareness in her community through local women's shelters and on social media platforms.

You can catch Hannah as a sports journalist and reporter in the motorsports industry. She hope to inspire other women to break into male dominated industries through leading by example in her own career.

Follow Hannah @HannahLopa and @MissNYUSA