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Girl Around Town…Ti Dandy

It’s Wednesday, and while some people are celebrating Bikini Day, we’re celebrating a young woman from Philadelphia that is making strides in her community with her children’s book. Cree Wins the Day! is a book that celebrates young girls and tackles subjects like social anxiety and disorders. While the main character appears to be of African American descent it is clear that this book is relevant to all cultures.

This book started as a shared idea between Ti and her friend Lora. They both wanted to impact change starting, with kids and their parents. This was after they realized that they were leaving work discussing options that would allow us to be themselves, give them the creative freedom they wanted and to also impact change.

So what is Ti’s life motto? The Key to Winning is to be yourself. Just remember that life is better lived doing “you” then trying to be someone else. Ti’s goal is to live a life that’s filled with experiences that continuously challenge her to grow. In turn, to effectively impact systemic change both macro and micro and leave a legacy for her family.

This summer you can find Ti doing a Book Reading at Bright Side Academy and planning summer book readings throughout Philadelphia.

One thing that Ti wants the world to remember is, “Keep Pushing. Life is so dope when you invest in you. Never Give up—the sky is not the limit.”

A fun fact about Ti is that she secretly thinks she is a hip hop star. In another life she would have been involved in hip hop heavy. Fly Ti!

You can buy her book here: Cree Wins The Day!