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My Favorite Hobbies

Many people tend to believe that my only free time is set aside for sleeping. My family and friends truly give me life. I am super big on quality time. In fact, this is my #1 love language. Here is a look at some of my favorite hobbies.

  • I enjoy a good book. The next book on my list is Oprah’s, ‘This I Know for Sure.

  • I enjoy relaxing by the water. It helps to clear my mind.

  • I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my niece. My family keeps me grounded, but encouraged as well.

  • I like having fun, and each one of my friends brings that to my life.

  • Pageants lol Yes, this is a hobby. I am a Director, but I watch and attend pageants that I am not directing or coaching anyone. It also keeps me up on my craft. Here are the pageant events you can find me at this summer:,,, and