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Being Faithful

There is a new trend going around, especially on reality TV where relationships change as often as this crazy weather. And, there is little regard for marriage as a covenant. Yes, I am a Love and Hip Hop watcher. Although, I’ve attempted to kick this addiction, it’s holding on to me.

While chatting with a friend, it made me think about the time I found out that a guy I was dating was married. I was so apologetic, but his wife was so very rude at the end. How can you blame a woman you don’t know for the transgressions of the man you pledged to spend your life with? As naïve as I was, it hurt my feelings not that he was lying to me, but that as a woman, you could be more concerned about the woman’s accomplishments, to make sure that you “won.”

Since I’ve competed in pageants, held leadership positions, and founded my own companies, I have been very conscience of how I will be viewed by young girls. I have always wanted to act as a blueprint. I want my nieces and my future daughters to know that you have to know your worth. As a woman you need to remember these five things:

  • You are worth it. You are worth the love, the commitment, and the effort.

  • Trust your instincts. Your gut will never steer you wrong. But make sure your head is not making it all up!

  • Make sure that you are always working on you. Are you the best you?

  • The best relationship you can have is the one with God. This will constantly remind you that you are amazing, and help you get to know yourself better.

  • Have fun! Life is serious enough. Take time out to laugh.