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Don't Bully Me

Growing up with her nanny being a mentally disabled woman, Runa Lucienne has always been sensitive to all people and their struggles. This is why it was so disheartening when she was approached by a “fan” that accused her of discrimination, and hatred because she did not want to date him. This may seem like a nonsensical thing to write about however, this is the same individual that has stalked both Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

So, what does someone do when they are met with a cyber bully that not only harasses you, but attempts to use their disability as justification? You stand up like Runa has and face the bully head on. You make sure that other celebrities and friends are aware of the man that is out there. You also, let the individual know that it is not okay. As a child you are taught that everyone will not be your friend, and you will be okay. In addition, as a black woman your journey is a little different.

The bully told Runa that being a black woman she should be sensitive to someone that is disabled and struggling, he also alluded to her being able to be bought. For so long in America, woman, especially black women have been treated like property. Do we settle for you just because you are disabled? No! It is not okay to harass, bully, and disrespect someone just because you feel like you have the upper hand and threaten them. When will this behavior stop? What are your thoughts?