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The Influence of a Woman

Growing up in a house full of women, I did not have a front seat of daily interactions between a husband and wife. I had positive relationships in my life, so I was always optimistic and open to love. One of male friends once told me that he admired me because no matter what I went through, I never lost faith in love and finding “true love.”

My boyfriend and I have now been together for about 2 and half years. We discussed many things and have experienced lots of different things due to me navigating having my heart broken. He once said that it is easy for him to tell if a woman has grown up with both parents or not. He could not put it into words what the difference truly was.

I was recently gifted with the book, How to Get the Best Out of Your Man: The Power of a Woman’s Influence by Michelle McKinney Hammond. I truly believe that books minister to you where you are right now. This book gave me so many “ah ha” moments. The book focused on Esther, her influence on her husband, and her role as a woman of God and wife. It was a reminder to embrace what makes me me, what makes me a woman, and how there is strength in being feminine. Where do you think your influence lies?