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Girl Around Town...Nashaira Belisa Balentien

I first became aware of Nashaira Belisa Balentien’s win from my Instagram popular page. I was encouraged by her story of her journey to a healthy lifestyle. So, it was an honor to learn more about her story and what has inspired her. Nashaira won the title of Miss Universe Curaçao in July. Her smile was captivating and your story inspirational.

As the reigning Miss Universe Curaçao she was able to compete in the last Miss Universe pageant that took place Thanksgiving weekend. While, a fan fav, she did not place. But that has not stopped her journey. After competing at Miss Universe she was offered the opportunity to sign with a new agency. A great achievement to her long journey.

After starting modeling and pageantry at the age of 4, she became the Princess of her neighborhood. Pageantry has allotted Nashaira the opportunity to travel the world, and create some great experiences. Her life motto is, “Positive mind. Positive life.” She believes that your mind is powerful and for you to be successful you have to believe in yourself. You also have to be driven by passion. She visualizes where she wants to be, and her dreams have become a reality thus far. This was not always easy as she suffered from anxiety and depression. Competing in pageants you really get to know yourself. As she dealt with these issues, she not only got to know herself better, but she was able to also raise awareness and help people change their view on depression and anxiety.

At the age of 15, she started her own organization, Beautiful Helping Hands that currently services Columbia and Curaçao. But very soon Nashaira hopes to make it an international organization. She believes that lack of education is the reason for a lot of criminal acts, because there are a lack of options. Since she attended theatre school she is committed to further hone her acting chops and hit the Big Screen in Hollywood. You will definitely see this beauty on a screen near you.

A fun fact is that she can do the cutest chipmunk voiceJ.