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Have you dimmed your light?

I've always wondered if the good people ever win. I've seen careers built on the back of crime, lies, and insecurities. I even asked my Pastor once after seeing even Gospel singers sell a little piece of themselves, if you can ever "win" doing what is right. So, this past Thursday Scandal served us a reminder of how deceit can destroy a vision, but a Savior can restore it. For me my favorite part was a reminder of my greatness and how to be unapologetic. Veteran actor Joe Morton plays Rowan/Eli Pope and deliveries two great monologues, my favorite being, "The person I raised doesn't hold out her hand and smile while she's being shackled, that's what a slave does. Stop talking! Watching my child enslave herself in order to fix Massas' problem, this unyeilding desire of hers to fix everybody else's problem, what did I do wrong?...In the end they don't care what happens to us. You think because they pat you on the head and tell you you're smart and pretty, you matter to them? You are in the light so that they can stay in the dark." So, what will you do to make sure your light isn't dimmed?