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Girl Around Town...Jasmine Jones

I always look back and see the amazing people that God placed in my life that are so talented and are making a name for themselves. Last Saturday, I was able to watch my High School friend Jasmine Jones put on her 2nd Annual dance recital for her dance school, Jazz It Up. It was a great show, not only because the kids had so much talent, but because I was able to see Jasmine’s dedication and love come to fruition.

So, I asked Jasmine about her journey.

Me: What is your venture?

Jasmine: Dancing has always been a passion. It was something that became an outlet for me because I was so shy. Growing up, I found challenges in communicating with people. It was hard to have a conversation and even keep eye contact. What was just an uncomfortable situation for me, I guess my parents felt it was deeper and was determined to figure out ways for me to come out of my tightly sealed shell. One thing my mother could expect a few times a week was coming home to a choreographed dance that I created and forced my sisters to be part of. So, the first thing my parents thought of was.... a dance school. I found my voice, happiness, and passion in dance school. I made wonderful friends and had a couple of the best teachers and I danced. Dance just made my days better. I mean, the days when things felt like everything was going wrong, dance made that all change. I would forget anything that was bothering me and just get lost in the moment of movement. I focused more and it helped build my confidence. It took this shy girl to a place she felt safe and comfortable to be expressive. Growing up around dance in a studio kept me around people of all ages who loved the same thing I did... dance. When I began to teach, I felt like something new had fallen into place. I enjoyed teaching. I enjoyed challenging the dancers, making them work hard and even shocking themselves of their own talents. Dance builds a person and the fact that I know firsthand what it has done for me, I knew there are so many little girls who faced the same challenges and maybe I can help them as well. That’s what I wanted to do.

Me: Well, how did you get started?

Jasmine: First step was putting my faith in God. That’s exactly what I did. I started a go fund me, emptied my savings, got family and friend support and trusted in God. I prayed faithfully and told him what I wanted. The way everything happened, it felt like he had already paved the way. Things fell into place pretty quickly and within a month’s timespan, Jazz It Up! Studio of Dance came into existence. Blessings and Faith. Me: So, what is your motto?

Jasmine: “Be the best YOU you can be!” I tell the girls that they deserve to be perceived as fantastic dancers because they are awesome!!! Me: What is your goal?

Jasmine: My goal is to grow, reach people, and make a difference in people lives. Grow in size of students, space, and even as an educator. There is always room for growth. I aim to provide a home for people that share the same passion that I do. A place where children can feel free to be themselves and build healthy, loving, long lasting relationships as well as learn technique and enjoy the art of dance. There is so much more I’d like to do but I understand that this is the beginning and you have to take baby steps. Me: So, do you have any upcoming events?

Jasmine: We hope to do more projects like host summer classes, have an end of the summer gala, as well as help out communities. We also collaborate on ways to fundraise in hopes of a new studio so we might have some surprise events in the works. Me: What do you want people to know?

Jasmine: I am a true believer of dreams coming true. The recipe is seeing and believing. Let it brew and manifest. Whether you see it in your mind or on television, imagine it as yours. Pray and keep God first. There will be obstacles, challenges, and distractions but you must stay focused and keep faith. It will be tested but it’s just that, a test. Be good to others as well! Me: Tell me a fun fact about you.

Jasmine: I am a big kid. I enjoy having fun and bothering my girls. They keep me young and I love every one of them! Sometimes you might think I am one of them!!!