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MCM...My Favorite Color Is

This is my first MCM that I have done. Julius is like a brother to me, and I am happy to see his dreams come to fruition.

1. What is your name? Julius "J.Clyde" Pearson

2. What is your venture? The audacity to become an artist 3. How did you get started? I always did art but started taking it seriously in 2016. When my daughter was born I was going through a tough time with work and just finding myself, When I would sketch or paint I felt the most comfortable and in my own world. I would see so many post about art shows/art parties and was always interested but would never take it serious until I did my first one and it went extremely well that I wanted to keep going. I would do a painting a week and as many shows that I could, that lead me meeting so many different people and networking to the point that I showcased overseas.

4. What is your motto? My motto is to accept change no matter how bad it looks or difficult, change always makes us better wiser and stronger. I also believe in more love is needed within ourselves. Take care of yourself like a home because that's where it starts. 5. What is your goal? My goal is to eventually showcase in some galleries but my long term goal is to set something up for young artists who don't have the support or space to be an creative. 6. What events do you have coming up? I am doing an event with Fantasy and Color on October 25th. The information will be on my Instagram. Iam gonna take a break for the rest of the year as I have some projects I'm working on for next year. 7. What’s one thing you want people to know about you? I want people to know that Iam more than what you would think, but we have to wait and see that. 8. What is a fun fact about you? I do some stand up comedy sometimes, I am great at writing and Iam a great dancer to the point I am ready to battle Chris Brown.

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