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Family Friday

I have always said that my family (besides God/my faith) was one of the most important things to me. I use to work and hope I made them proud, now I am more concerned about my legacy. Yesterday, when Kanye West went to the White House that is what I saw. I saw a man concerned about his family, his legacy, and the future of America.

While you may not agree with entertainers taking a role in politics, I think that it is obscene to deem Kanye mentally ill, uninformed, misinformed, or psychotic. Yes, I am a Beauty Queen, I run a PR business that focuses on beauty and fashion, but I am very well versed in the law and politics (I will share how one day).

Here are the top 10 things that you should’ve walked away with from the Kanye meeting with President Trump at the Oval Office:

  • Kanye cares!

Kanye did not have to risk it all to have this meeting with President Trump, but he felt that it was necessary. He has a platform and he decided to use it to share what he knows and create a dialogue. "People that don't have land, they want brands."

He understands that kids learn differently. He has suggestions/ideas on how to promote education, bring back the arts, and stimulate brains that were left to be worthless.

  • Kanye came with a plan.

He has spoken to the Superintendent in Chicago, he has visited people in jail and heard their stories. He returned to his roots to not only give back, but build it up from the inside.

  • Kanye did research.

Most people are unaware of how welfare (public assistance) was introduced to the black community. It was presented when a few fathers were out of work, they told them to have more kids and they would help, and then made it hard for the father to stay in the home to support those kids.

  • Kanye is a family man.

Did you know that most married women are actually Republicans? Not because of their husbands like the media says. It is because the Democrats work to keep women single, but mothers. This provides more incentives for them.

  • Kanye understands the role of a father/man.

Growing without a lot of “male energy” has showed him that he needed to be a force in his son’s life. Also, he placed himself in positions to learn from men that are secure in their masculinity, unapologetic for being a man, and are a force in their fields and their families.

  • Kanye understands the role of the Democratic Party in the black community.

Not many people are aware that the KKK started and were the military arm of the Democratic Party. And, every single “racist” Politician that governed in America was a member of the Democratic Party, and usually the KKK.

  • Kanye is unapologetic.

You can love someone as a person, but not agree with their stance on life. He agreed that he loves Hilary Clinton, but he wanted someone that could encourage him where he is, and push him to be a better man.

Kanye has always been known to speak his mind. When he said George Bush didn’t care about black people, people related. But, now after growth, he has another stance. Could it now be his time to achieve greatness in another way?

  • Kanye wants America to be Great!

In life you will agree and disagree with people. Sometimes, you will even agree to disagree with people. It wouldn’t be great to see President Trump and Colin Kaepernick speak and shake hands?

If our President does not look good, we don't look good!!

Let me know your thoughts.