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Self Love

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit and speak with the love counselor, Frank Johnson. We discussed what love is, how can you recognize love, and where to find love. While I’m not looking for love, I do have friends that are, so I was open to hearing some tips.

As a single man who is almost 50 (although he looks 30), people may ask what makes Frank an expert on love or even know what women want. Frank grew up in a home with his mother, stepfather, and 5 sisters. This upbringing was a firsthand experience into the minds of women and what they truly needed in a relationship. Since than he has been the ‘go to’ person for friends and family and his #1 goal has been to revolutionize the way we love.

The #1-way Frank thinks you can find the one is to be the one. You must prepare yourself to be able to bring 100% to the table. You also need to know the difference between what you want and what you need. Also, be prepared to meet the person for you anywhere. True love should be the driver, not social pressures, cultural demands, family or validation. Relationships should not be difficult.

As a lover of love, what is Frank looking for in love? A spiritual connection, someone that is loved by all (not necessarily center of attention), sense of humor, family oriented, and sexual (monogamous). Learn more about Frank here: His next book is to be released June 2020.